Drawing tips

Some general drawing tips I would like to share with you. I hope you will find them useful.

  • If you want to improve your drawing skills - pay close attention to the things around you
  • To make realistic drawings you will need a detailed, high-resolution picture
  • The more details, the more realistic the picture will look in the end
  • Pay close attention to the contrasts between light and dark
  • Don't rush with your drawing
  • Blend all hard lines, using a hard brush or blending stick
  • Only begin the shading when you are sure that the proportions and general outline are correct. For that, look at the picture from a distance from time to time
  • Leave highlights untouched
  • I use 2B mechanical pencil for the dark areas and dont blend it
  • Put a clean piece of paper under your hand while you are drawing to prevent smudges
  • To achieve realistic hair, use a sharpened eraser for light effects
  • When shading the skin begin with very light shades, use a soft brush. To make it darker, take graphite powder and blend it with cotton pads


  • Mechanical pencils: I use 2B & HB 0,5 mm mechanical pencils
  • Pencils: H-6B
  • Erasers: larger eraser (for larger areas);
    sharpened eraser (for smaller areas);
    kneaded eraser: you can shape it into a little piece to erase in small areas
  • blending stick: to blend the lines and to color small areas
  • graphite powder+cottn pads: to shade the background and large areas
  • hard brush: for blending. You can also use the blending stick, try for yourself which is more comfortable for you. I use both of them
  • Soft brush: for light shades
  • Paper: I use white 150g/qm drawing paper
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